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Branding and Custom Domain Names

Your brand is your business – which makes brand building itself serious business. When managed well, a brand is a valuable asset, one that can drive both short and long-term impact. Capiture has worked with tens of clients and we’ve learned how to create brands that inspire how people feel.


Additionally, we build websites to support your brand on the net. We offer SEO and several custom domain names for sell.

Domain Name 1

Available domain of the month

Domain Name 2

Available domain of the month

Domain Name 3

Available domain of the month


This site makes a great consulting or business-coaching site.  Realizing that at 212 degrees water turns to steam and steam moves locomotives is a powerful concept for business and process improvements.  The additional one degree, a small change yet so powerful outcome.

This is a rare domain name that could be utilized for social media or new company name.  It is unique and simple.


New business name "Fresh and Tasty" could work for a variety of retail stores.  Imagine having an organic store, a bakery, juice shop, etc.  Fresh and Tasty is an easy name that will draw in new customers and the name will stay fresh in their mind.

Domain Name 4

Available domain of the month

Domain Name 5

Available domain of the month


This domain name was used for 15 years for a great band in middle-east.  This band drew in millions of visitors to this domain name.  The band seized to exist and now the domain name is available for sale.

The 2008 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament involved 65 schools playing in a single-elimination tournament to determine the national champion of men's NCAA Division.  Kansas University - the Jayhawks won the series.  This is a great site for fans or approved stores to sell KU memorabilia.

Domain Name 6

Available domain of the month

Bodega = a small grocery store, especially in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood.  WeBodega is an amazing and unique name for a wine shop or wine cellar or a grocery store.  It could also be used for online shopping similar to Amazon or other sites.  The name is catchy and allows for so much flexibility.

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